The Old Scotch Athletics Club was formed by Alex Jamieson who placed an Add in “The Herald” Newspaper on Nov 10 1926, inviting interested parties to meet at The Old Scotch Collegians’ Club, Queen’s Walk for the purpose of forming an Old Boys Athletics Club. Present at the meeting was; Frank Brown in the chair; Herbert Engle, Huntly Grant, J.A.A.Martin, Cecil Breydon, Albert Miller and Alex Jamieson.

Positions were established and the Old Scotch Collegians Athletic Club was formed. The club’s first public appearance was made at the opening of the Cross Country Season 23rd April 1927. With the school settled into their new surroundings in Hawthorn boys who had previously ran for Hawthorn Harriers now were able to keep their association with the school. There was no amin osity and the two clubs had close ties until the later disbanded.

The first fifty years saw the club retaining membership from the school ranks, during the 1980’s and ‘90’s more partners, friends and daughters joined. The club now field women’s teams in Cross Country events both AAV and APSOB as well as members of various teams in the Track and Field summer season.

A number of athletes have competed at the highest level, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games. Recently Archie Wallis was selected and ran in the 2018 World Junior Champs and James Lightfoot ran in the 2018 World Schools Cross Country Champs in France. Ten athletes qualified for State and 5 ran in the National Champs last season (2018-19) held in Sydney.

Olympic Games Representative as members of the club:
Bob Grant – Javelin 1956 Olympic Games Melb, Aust
Cameron McKenzie – 4×400 (Heat & Final) 1996 Olympic Games Atlanta USA

World Track & Field Championships
Nick Rennie – 4×100 relay 1993 Stuttgart Germany
Carolyn Schuwalow – 5000m (Heat) 15;37.6 1995 Gothenburg, Sweden
Mark Moresi – 4 x 400 Seville, Spain
Commonwealth Games

Frank W W Scott – 440 yds 1938 Empire Games, Sydney
Rod Benella – Marathon, 1962 Empire Games 2;24.07, Bronze Medal
Mark Moresi – 4 x 400 1994 Edinburgh, Scotland
Paul Patrick – 10 000 m (Final – 8th) 1994 Edinburgh, Scotland.

The club is directed towards enhancing our junior athletes thru coaching and financial assistance for the prospective athlete to obtain the goals that he or she aspire to. Plus we are a socially friendly club that any club runner old or young is happy to be part of. We organize various social functions throughout the year.
Obviously the aim of the club is to foster achievement and have more of our athletes competing at National and International level.


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