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The Old Scotch Athletic Club came into existence when Alex Jamieson published an advertisement in “The Herald” newspaper on November 10, 1926. The ad invited interested individuals to meet at The Old Scotch Collegians’ Club, Queen’s Walk, with the aim of establishing an Old Boys Athletics Club. The founding meeting was attended by Frank Brown, Herbert Engle, Huntly Grant, J.A.A. Martin, Cecil Breydon, Albert Miller, and of course, Alex Jamieson himself.

Early Years

The club made its first public appearance on April 23, 1927, marking the beginning of the Cross Country Season. At that time, the school had relocated to Hawthorn, which allowed past students who had run for the Hawthorn Harriers to continue their association with the school. The Old Scotch Athletic Club and the Hawthorn Harriers maintained a cordial relationship until the latter eventually disbanded.

Membership Evolution

In its first fifty years, the club primarily drew its membership from school alumni. However, during the 1980s and 1990s, the membership diversified to include partners, friends, and daughters. Today, the club fields women’s teams in Cross Country events under both the Athletics Victoria and APSOC banners, as well as participating in Track and Field events during the summer season.

Notable Achievements

Several of our athletes have participated in esteemed competitions, such as the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Noteworthy mentions include Archie Wallis and James Lightfoot, who ran in the 2018 World Junior and World Schools Cross Country Championships, respectively. Annually we have a number of athletes qualify for state and national championships across both the summer and winter programs.

Olympic and World Championships Representatives
Bob Grant – Javelin, 1956 Olympic Games, Melbourne, Australia
Cameron McKenzie – 4×400 (Heat & Final), 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta, USA
Nick Rennie – 4×100 relay, 1993 World Track & Field Championships, Stuttgart, Germany
Carolyn Schuwalow – 5000m (Heat), 1995 World Track & Field Championships, Gothenburg, Sweden

Commonwealth Games Participants
Frank W. W. Scott – 440 yds, 1938 Empire Games, Sydney
Rod Benella – Marathon, 1962 Empire Games, Bronze Medal
Mark Moresi – 4 x 400, 1994, Edinburgh, Scotland
Paul Patrick – 10,000m (Final – 8th), 1994, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Club Today

We are deeply committed to nurturing junior athletes through coaching and financial support, enabling them to achieve their personal goals. We’re not just about running; we’re a socially-friendly club that welcomes members of all ages. We host various social events throughout the year to keep the community spirit alive.

Our Mission

Our overarching aim is to foster both participation and achievement. We strive to have more of our athletes compete at State, National, and International levels.