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Old Scotch Athletic Club welcomes athletes and para-athletes aged 12+ of all abilities and levels of experience. 

With a range of membership packages, athletes have the opportunity to compete at weekly track & field and cross country competitions as well as specialist meets. Athletes also have the opportunity to qualify for state and national championships.

The Athletics Victoria competition program has been established to provide equal opportunities for para-athletes from club through to national level. Para-athletes are encouraged to register for formal classifications that relate to their impairment in order to ensure the correct score adjustments are applied. 

The full list of classifications and their details can be viewed on the Athletics Australia website.

Please contact info@athsvic.org.au to begin the classification process.

Members are required to purchase both the club and Athletics Victoria membership in order to compete in sanctioned Athletics Victoria and Athletics Australia competitions. In addition to club membership fees, athletes have the option to purchase season packages or pay individual competition fees. This enables members to customise a price package that best suits their individual needs. All memberships and season packages can be purchased via the Athletics Victoria members portal.


Membership fees are broken into two parts, club membership and Athletics Victoria membership. In order to compete in a league event, specialist competition or championship, athletes will need to purchase either a season package or pay for individual competitions in addition to the membership fee. The Athletics Victoria package system enables athletes to tailor their membership.


The Athletics Victoria fees allow athletes to customise their membership to best suit their individual needs.
All packages include the Athletics Victoria Base Membership fee and a OSAC membership fee is additional to that and applied at checkout.
AV memberships run for twelve months from 1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025, and OSAC membership fee is $20 junior/$30 senior annually.
Please contact us if you are unsure of which package to purchase

Base Athlete Membership

  • Recommended for athletes who only wish to compete at specialist meets or championships. Athletes who purchase this package will be required to pay individual event fees.

    Athletes with this membership can still enter AVSL with individual round fees.

    Open (20+ years): $185.0
    Junior (12-19 years): $145.00

AVSL Package

  • Recommended for athletes who intend to compete in 5 or more rounds of the Athletics Victoria Shield League (AVSL).

    This does not include entry fee to championships and specialist meets.

    Open (20+ years): $330.00
    Junior (12-19 years): $270.00

XCR Package

  • Recommended for anyone intending on competing in five or more individual rounds of XCR.

    *You do not need to have this package to compete in XCR Relays.

    Open (20+ years): $365.00
    Junior (12-19 years): $280.00

Max Package

  • Recommended for athletes who wish to compete in both the AVSL season and individual XCR rounds.

    Open (20+ years): $420.00
    Junior (12-19 years): $350.00

Recreational Running

  • Recommended for those looking to just do recreational running.

    All ages: $10