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AVSL Round 1

Hello Track & Field Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the exhilarating kick-off of the summer season! Let’s dive into the highlights and notable performances of Round 1.

Victory in Division 5

Our dynamic team of 19 athletes showcased stellar performance clinching a victory and setting a robust tone for the season ahead. Among them were 6 females and 6 debutants, with a special shoutout to Howard returning to the track after more than half a century!

New Faces and Comeback Kids

We warmly welcome Jayden Millie, Gabby King, Alex Stubbs, Amanda Moulding, Alanna Turner, and Antony Dawborn to the team. Their contributions were invaluable. Kudos to our “comeback kids” – Howard Belcher, Chris Cornish, and James Rentschler for their remarkable return to the track.

Our three walkers kicked off the new season in style. Amanda did earn grateful points despite a couple
of warnings.  Not so for Hando! 

James winds up in the discus

Scoring Highlights

Our objective to amass as many points saw Vanessa clinching the highest individual event score with 543 points, closely followed by Scott Lawrence with an age-adjusted 506. Our team’s triumphant total of 7600 points stood a staggering 3000 points ahead of the second-placed team Whittlesea.

Upcoming Events

Athlete of the Week

Congratulations to Henry Dawborn for clinching the Athlete of the Week title with his 0.5-second PB 100m into a 1.8m/s wind, a splendid start to the season!

Training Schedule

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Round 1 AVSL Results

Female OPAshleigh Arnold100m: 13.49; 400m: 68.32; Long Jump: 4.27m
Female 18Alanna Turner1500m: 5:59.6h
Female 16Gabrielle King400m: 63.08
Female 14Alexandra Stubbs400m: 83.18; 1500m: 5:58.4h; Discus: NM
Female 40Vanessa Wilson5000m: 16:55.0h
Amanda Moulding1500m Walk: 13:07.25
Male OPLachlan Stewart100m: 14.55 (-1.8); 400m: 63.66; 1500m: 4:41.0h
Thomas Russell200m: 27.73 (+0.0); 800m: 2:18.53; Shot Put: 6.08m
James RentschlerDiscus: 18.84m
Male 18Henry Dawborn100m: 13.23 (-1.8); 400m: 62.08
Male 16Antony Dawborn100m: 16.14 (-2.1)
Male 14Jayden Millie200m: 29.32 (+0.0); 400m: 65.35
Male 40Howard Belcher800m: 4:34.90
Robert Schwerkolt1500m: 4:43.8h
Scott Lawrence3000m: 10:36.9h
Christopher Cornish5000m: 18:24.0h
Andrew Cochrane1500m Walk: 8:44.4h
Ian HandasydeDiscus: 17.15m; Long Jump: NM
Douglas CampbellDiscus: 16.39m; Javelin: 15.65m

We’re fueled with excitement for the upcoming rounds and look forward to witnessing more athletic excellence. Here’s to many more victories and personal bests!