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Dear Athletes and Supporters,

In a Round 10 that sizzled 🥵 with competition, Old Scotch Athletic Club came out in full force, posting one of our highest club point scores in recent memory. Despite our rivals playing their Powerplay, our collective effort more than doubled their score, positioning us to clinch the Division 5 premiership with two rounds to go.

Our athlete roster was as diverse as it was impressive, featuring our largest turnout of female athletes this season, the debut of two fresh faces in Phoebe Grant and Mark Ballantyne, and a remarkable age span across competitors that proved yet again – in athletics, passion defies age.

Great to see the senior members of the club out and about competing and supporting the athletes out at Glenhuntly – Ian Handersyde, Gregor Evans and Doug Campbell.

Persistence Pays Off

Our scoreboard was ablaze with high scorers: Kudos to Gabby, Elden, Conor, Rory, Aj, our 4×100 Relay team, Tom Lindo, Hugo, Lachie G, Henry C, and Andy Jamieson for surpassing the 400-point mark in their events. Your dedication and talent shine through.

Despite delays, our sprinters remained undaunted with Elden and Henry and Lily G sprinting to new personal bests. Elden’s back-to-back 100m PBs are nothing short of remarkable. The U18 4×100 E Team sprinted to a significant point haul, while Doug and Hando’s friendly discus rivalry saw Hando earn this week’s bragging rights. Lachie Stewart continued to lower his 1500m times, and our female long jump duo leapt past the 4-meter mark, showcasing the growing depth in our field events.

Tom Lindeman’s Altitude Advantage

Tom Lindeman returned from his high-altitude reprieve to smash his 800m personal best, teasing the National Qualifier and earning his place in the exclusive 500 Point Club. Tom, you’re on the brink of greatness!


Our heartfelt thanks to all supporters and lap scorers who helped at Doncaster and Murrumbeena. Your efforts are crucial in enabling our athletes to earn points, especially in events over 1500m and the club to earn bonus points.

Thanks to the crew out at Duncan Mackinnon who survived the furnace known as the sun as temperatures rose into the mid 30’s – Gregor Evans, Margie Gumley, Ian Handersyde, Lachlan Stewart, JT, Andrew Aitken and Arjun Rajan 👏

AVSL Round 10 Results

Female OP100mAshleigh Arnold13.45 (0.5)
Long JumpAshleigh Arnold4.35m
Female 183000mAlanna Turner13:25.7h
Female 16800mGabrielle King2:25.2h
Female 14100mLily Gumley14.69 (-0.5)
Alexandra Stubbs18.01 (-1.3) (PB)
800mPhoebe Grant2:37.7h
1500mAlexandra Stubbs6:18.0h
DiscusAlexandra Stubbs11.41m (PB)
Long JumpLily Gumley4.14m (PB)
Female 40200mErroleen Fung37.27 (+0.0)
800mErroleen Fung3:04.0h
Amanda Moulding3:55.8h
Shot PutErroleen Fung3.11m
Male OP100mLachlan Stewart14.03 (-1.2)
400mLachlan Stewart60.94
1500mLachlan Stewart4:22.7h (PB)
Long JumpLachlan Stewart3.65m
Male 18100mElden Zeng11.47 (0.3) (PB)
Henry Dawborn12.47 (1.4) (PB)
Edmund Lai12.81 (1.1)
400mHenry Dawborn59.23 (PB)
800mConor Sullivan2:04.7h
1500mRory Vial4:12.2h
Aj Merry4:19.1h
3000mConor Sullivan9:50.4h
4x100m(Henry Dawborn, Edmund Lai, Edward Aitken, Elden Zeng)48.48
Male 16100mEdward Aitken13.80 (-1.3)
Tom Roach21.98 (-0.8)
400mHugo Stubbs58.30
800mThomas Lindeman2:02.0h (PB)
1500mHugo Stubbs4:20.2h
Luke Bodle4:43.6h
Jasper Quinn6:45.7h
DiscusHugo Stubbs15.69m
Lachlan Gumley44.82m
Long JumpTom Roach1.80m
Pole VaultLachlan Gumley3.20m
Male 14400mAlexander Rajan65.47
Mark Ballantine68.16
800mHenry Curlewis2:16.5h
Joshua Lindeman2:34.3h
Male 402000m WalkAndrew Jamieson12:28.1h
DiscusDouglas Campbell16.79m
Ian Handasyde17.62m
JavelinDouglas Campbell16.07m

Athlete of the Week
Amid a field of standout performances, Lachie Gumley shines as our Athlete of the Week. Amassing 827 points over 2 events and bolstering our field events with his dynamic presence. Congratulations Lachie for an extraordinary performance.

Vic Country Championships Recap

A tip of the hat to our athletes who made the trip to Ballarat for the Vic Country Championships. Special mentions to Jayden, Bart, and Vanessa for clinching their races, and kudos to Mari Campbell, our Vic Country Champion in the 400H, and a bronze medalist in the 400m.

Vic Country Championships results:

Female 16800mSophie Senior2:31.50
Female 40+10000mVanessa Wilson35:34.27
Male 181500mBart Leeton4:06.06
Conor Sullivan4:12.44
Male 161500mHenry Curlewis4:41.67
Male 14200mJayden Millie28.30 (+0.0)
400mJayden Millie61.46 (PB)

Milers Club & High Velocity Meet Highlights

Our athletes continued to push the envelope, with exceptional performances at the Milers Club and the High Velocity Meet. Will B-J’s blistering 100m sprint was a standout, marking the fastest by an OS athlete in two decades, accompanied by Elden’s personal best.

Milers Club 18 Jan Box Hill

Female OP800mGabrielle King2:26.74
Sophie Senior2:31.67
Annabel Atkins2:46.65
Alanna Turner2:56.2h
Male OP800mHenry Curlewis2:13.52 PB
Mark Ballantine2:26.57
Jayden Millie2:29.24 PB
1500mNathan Munro4:10.09
Lachlan Stewart4:26.88
Lachy Gance (Invitation 800m)1:58.95

High Velocity Club 1 Feb Doncaster

Female OP100mLily Taylor13.58 (-1.0)
Male OP100mWilliam Byrne-Jones11.07 (2.3) PB
Elden Zeng11.70 (1.7) PB
200mWilliam Byrne-Jones23.03 (0.7)
Elden Zeng

Arjun and Mark before their 400m. Jasper battling the heat in the 1500m and 3 of the 4x100m crew Elden, Henry and Edmund (missing Ed)

Upcoming Events
* With the premiership in our sights, we look forward to Round 11 at the Knox track, featuring the 100, 400, and 1500m events.
* Last AVSL Club Duty at Knox – we call upon volunteers to assist with High Jump – every helping hand counts!
* Don’t forget, Milers Club #4 is on at Aberfeldie, Tuesday February 6th.
* Vic Champs entry deadline is in 8 days time, midday February 12th. Mark your calendars! https://athsvic.org.au/events/victorian-track-field-championships/

* Training for schoolboys will be at Scotch at 3:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and for all others, it’s 5:00 pm at Righetti Oval Kooyong.
* Join us to refine your skills under the guidance of our dedicated coaches.Let’s keep this incredible momentum going as we approach the final 2 rounds.

Keep running, jumping, and throwing with the heart and determination that define Old Scotch!