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Dear Athletes and Supporters,

With one round remaining, our Div 5 Premiership is nearly secured! We’re on the brink of celebration, knowing that three rounds of AVSL competitions earn you a premiership medallion. This round saw our highest point score of the season, a remarkable 14,100 points, which would comfortably position us in Div 4.

Nine seemed to be the magic number: 9 athletes scored over 450 points in an event ( Lindo, Rory, Gabby, Conor, Aj, Andy Jamieson, Andy Cochrane, Elden and Lachie G) ,nine female athletes surpassed last week’s eight and nine minutes after the start of competition we had nearly 1400 points on the board thanks to our seasoned A walk team and Lachie G in his discus. From then on we increased our lead all day due to nice PBs from Henry, Alanna, Lachie S, Rory, Lily G (apologies to any others we may have missed) and our ten male 100m competitors led by speedy Will and Elden.   Erro and Lachie Stewart put in the big yards with three events each, four female long jumpers is some sort of significant Club achievement and we are impressed with the efforts of Conor and Aj attempting the 2k steeple after an 800m although we are not certain about any issue Aj may have had in his first attempt at the event.  A big welcome to Tanner Armstrong in his debut race and welcome back to Isak who chalked up a few kilometres after volleyballing at Keysborough before racing at Knox.

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Congratulations to Alanna Turner, our Athlete of the Week, for knocking another second off her 1500m PB and making valuable contributions in the long jump. Special mentions to Rory and Lily G for their impressive improvements in their events.

Round 11 AVSL Results

Female OP100mAshleigh Arnold13.46 (-0.0)
 Long JumpAshleigh Arnold4.19m
Female 20100mLily Taylor13.64 (+0.0)
 Long JumpLily Taylor3.97m
Female 181500mAlanna Turner5:54.11 PB
 Long JumpAlanna Turner3.04m
Female 16800mGabrielle King2:22.77
Female 14100mLily Gumley14.55 (+0.0) PB
 800mAlexandra Stubbs3:14.39
 1500mPhoebe Grant5:33.51
 Long JumpLily Gumley4.14m (=PB)
Female 40200mErroleen Fung36.99 (-0.5)
 800mErroleen Fung3:03.34
  Amanda Moulding3:45.05
 Shot PutErroleen Fung4.40m
Male OP100mWilliam Byrne-Jones11.34 (-1.9)
  Lachlan Stewart14.01 (-2.5)
 400mWilliam Byrne-Jones53.26
  Lachlan Stewart60.27
 1500mLachlan Stewart4:20.29 PB
 Long JumpLachlan Stewart3.70m
Male 18100mElden Zeng11.50 (0.4)
  Henry Dawborn12.42 (-0.2) PB
  Edmund Lai13.00 (+0.0)
 400mHenry Dawborn60.63
 800mRory Vial1:59.30 PB
  Conor Sullivan2:01.21
  Aj Merry2:02.50
 2000m SteepleConor Sullivan8:01.77
 Triple JumpConor Sullivan8.56m
Male 16100mLachlan Gumley12.89 (+0.0)
  Tanner Armstrong13.02 (-0.2)
  Edward Aitken13.61 (-2.5)
  Tom Roach22.69 (1.5)
 800mThomas Lindeman2:03.00
 1500mLuke Bodle4:35.85
  Jasper Quinn6:10.80
 DiscusTom Roach15.81m
  Lachlan Gumley39.50m
 Long JumpTom Roach2.06m
Male 14100mIsak Schulz14.25 (-2.5)
 200mJayden Millie27.58 (1.1)
Male 402000m WalkAndrew Cochrane11:54.3h
  Andrew Jamieson12:16.4h
 DiscusIan Handasyde15.92m
 HammerIan Handasyde19.90m

Milers Club 6 Feb Aberfeldie

Female OP800mSophie Senior2:29.33 PB
Male OP800mWill Katic1:55.18
  Conor Sullivan2:04.90
  Alexander Rajan2:24.67
  Mark Ballantine2:31.24
 MileBart Leeton4:18.00
  Rory Vial4:25.23
  Nathan Munro4:33.19


One round left in the AVSL competition for season 2023/24. Hope to see as many of our athletes registered as possible for this coming weekend and let’s see if we can go through the season with a unbeaten record and finish on top!