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Hello to our Athletic Community,

A victorious week for Old Scotch as we triumphed in Round 3 of AVSL, thanks to the commendable commitment of many athletes. Our PowerPlay paid off, placing us at the top of the ladder. The challenge now? To remain there.

Performance Overview

The exemplary debut performances from Aj Merry, Will Katic, and Erroleen Fung, along with eight Personal Bests (PBs) achieved, were the highlights of the day. A special applause to our five athletes who joined the 400 club in their individual events: Will, Sam, Conor, Tom L, and Hugo.

Individual Highlights

Campsite at Aberfeldie: A serene moment before the storm of competition (one relaxing disguised athlete).

Athlete of the Week

Three PBs in one day plus a PB in the 800m on Tuesday? Take a bow, Lachie Stewart. A truly committed athlete, you are our Athlete of the Week for Round 4. Congrats!

The personal bests are really heartening  – that’s what we strive for.  So the eight or so are reward for effort.  Conor ran 3000m PB last week, followed by 800m PB on Tuesday followed by 400m PB on Saturday.  Hugo added PBs over 400m, 1500m and Discus, Will Katic’s 400m was an outstanding first run in the OS colours and must have been close to a PB;  Henry Dawborn took a bit more off his 100m PB.  Sam Allen was very quick in his 400m (maybe a PB?). AJ liked the Aberfeldie track with his 1500m PB and Ash Arnold jumped over 4.20m in each of her three long jumps. Conor jumped over 4m in his first jump but was distracted in later attempts.

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Conor’s form on track: A glimpse of Conor’s impeccable form as he approaches the take-off board, which foot will he take off on??

Sam and Will in 400m. Great debut Will.

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Female OPAshleigh Arnold100m: 13.18 (-0.7); 400m: 69.47; Long Jump: 4.33m (0.6)
Female 14Alexandra Stubbs1500m: 6:13.5h; Discus: 11.08m PB
Female 40Erroleen Fung1500m: 6:32.2h
Male OPThomas Russell100m: 13.39 (-0.5);
Lachlan Stewart100m: 13.65 (-0.0) PB; 400m: 59.96 PB; 1500m: 4:28.0h PB; Discus: 11.28m
James Rentschler200m: 28.69 (0.6); Shot Put: 7.10m
Male 18Henry Dawborn100m: 12.57 (+0.0) PB
Will Katic400m: 50.02
Sam Allen400m: 52.00
Conor Sullivan400m: 56.79 PB; 1500m: 4:07.4h; Long Jump: 4.10m
Aj Merry1500m: 4:17.9h PB
Male 16Hugo Stubbs400m: 57.07 PB; 1500m: 4:21.0h PB; Discus: 17.17m PB
Thomas Lindeman400m: 58.46; 1500m: 4:18.5h
Tom RoachDiscus: FOUL; Javelin: 7.08m
Male 40Douglas CampbellDiscus: 15.79m; Javelin: 16.39m
Round 3 AVSL Results (above)

Other Results:

Two of our promising young members, Jayden Millie and Alex Rajan, showcased their talent at the SSV Regionals at Doncaster last week. Alex clinched a silver medal in the 1500m race, while Jayden triumphed in the hurdles and secured second place in the 200m race. Both Jayden and Alex have qualified for the SSV State Championships, and we’re excited to support them in the next level of competition.

Melbourne Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k:

Although we haven’t gathered all the results from the marathon events, a glance reveals some noteworthy performances. Tom Beischer, the brother of Ed and Ben, finished a half marathon in 1:28, slightly ahead of Nathan Munro at 1:29. Aj Merry had a relaxed half marathon run, which apparently geared him up for his PB 1500m on Saturday. Amanda Moulding opted for a 5k run. We’re certain there were more OS athletes who had a great time during the marathon events.

Box Hill Burn Results:

Highlights include four PBs, a Club record in U16, U17, and U18 3000m, and a splendid run from Vanessa.

Female OP1500mVanessa Wilson4:47.46
Male OP800mConor Sullivan2:03.12
Aj Merry2:03.38
Hugo Stubbs2:08.13
Lachlan Stewart2:09.86
Joshua Lindeman2:22.25
Alexander Rajan2:27.35
1500mThomas Lindeman4:17.98
Connor Merigan4:22.14
Bart LeetonDNS
Male 213000mBart Leeton8:30.93
Rory Vial9:01.92
Nathan Munro9:02.27

Upcoming Events

We extend our best wishes to our VCE students during this examination period. You’re well-prepared, fit, and ready to conquer!

Training Schedule

Regular training sessions continue at 5pm at Righetti Oval Kooyong on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Scotch boys have their training at school at 3.30pm.