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Our Athletes Shine with Personal Bests and Medal Hauls

Weekend 2 of the Victorian All Schools Track & Field Championships saw 17 of our valiant Old Scotch athletes compete, setting more personal bests and bagging several medals. The experience they gained and the lessons learned are invaluable. A remarkable 15 Scotch/Old Scotch athletes secured a position in the top 8, equivalent to being State finalists. The U17 800m final was a highlight of the weekend, with Will Katic (Trinity Grammer School) and Sam Allen both achieving substantial personal bests to clinch silver and bronze respectively. Additionally, Lily Taylor (St Catherines School) sprinted to gold in her 200m race, while Bart led a strong performance in a thrilling 3000m final to take first place.

Here are some of the standout performances from our athletes below:

Medal Tally Week 2: 

Gold: 3 – Lachlan Gumley, Bart Leeton, Lily Taylor

Silver: 6 – Alex Shears-Jones x2, Will Katic, Tom Roach x2, Conor Sullivan 1

Bronze: 1 – Sam Allen

Total Medal Tally over the two weeks: Gold 3, Silver 7, Bronze 5

Male 20800mAlex Shears-Jones2:00.752nd
 400m HurdlesAlex Shears-Jones57.152nd
Male 18800mLachlan Gance1:58.765th
  Alexander MerryDQ 
Male 17200mXavier Dalais24.65Preliminary
 800mSam Allen1:55.853rd
  Will Katic1:54.882nd
 3000mConor Sullivan8:53.582nd
 Long JumpXavier Dalais5.63m12th
Male 16800mHugo Stubbs2:07.48Preliminary
 3000mBart Leeton8:45.791st
  Thomas Lindeman9:23.447th
  Luke Bodle9:48.5913th
  Jasper Quinn13:33.0620th
 Long JumpMax McCool5.43m7th
Male 153000mJoshua Baker9:58.799th
 Pole VaultLachlan Gumley3.20m1st
Male 14800mHenry Curlewis2:14.548th
 JavelinLlywelyn SchoenbornFOUL 
Male P17200mTom Roach50.095th
 JavelinTom Roach8.57m2nd
 Long JumpTom Roach1.66m2nd
Female 20200mLily Taylor26.961st

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Training Schedule for the Week:

For any uncertainties, feel free to reach out to your coaches. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to support each other on and off the track!

Happy Racing and enjoy some of the photos taken from this weekend. For more photos check out the gallery on the clubs website https://oldscotchathleticclub.com.au/old-scotch-athletic-club-photo-gallery/